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Below you will find a list of fees for our basic services. We are happy to provide a more detailed estimate including other services based on your pet's specific medical needs and situation. We offer many other services such as on-site blood work, x-rays, ultrasound evaluation, skin testing, urinalysis, pharmacy, minor surgery, microchipping, euthanasia, and chronic disease treatments and monitoring. If you have questions about vaccination and recommended annual testing or would like to discuss other services please give us a call or email.  


Housecall (calls outside our service area may be additional)

Head to Tail Exam

Heartworm/Tick Combination Test


Fecal GI Parasite Test

Rabies 1yr Vaccine

Rabies 3yr Vaccine
$36  (must have proof of non-expired previous rabies vaccine)

DHLPP Vaccine

DHPP Vaccine
$35.87 (only for dogs with a history of vaccine allergic reactions or under 10 weeks old or under 10 lbs)

Lepto Vaccine


Lyme Vaccine


Bordetella Vaccine

Influenza Vaccine

FeLV Vaccine

FVRCP Vaccine
$20.58  (indoor cats only)

Nail Trim

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