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Are You a New Client?
If you’re a first time client, we’ll get some basic information from you about
your pet and yourself, and set up a visit to come out and see you. If you will
be transferring your pets medical records from a previous veterinarian
please allow at least one week for us to receive those records.

To expedite the record transfer process please have your previous vet
scan and email to the following:

  • the entire medical record

  • vaccine history

  • lab work reports

  • digital x-ray or ultrasound images

Scheduling Your Visit
Visits can be scheduled during regular business hours, Monday - Friday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, by calling or texting  
828-412-1181 . You can also email us at  We will attempt to accommodate all requests for after-hours and same-day appointments to the very best of our ability.  If you leave a message after 5:00 pm we will return your call the next business day.

We will give you an exact appointment time, but may be slightly early or late arriving depending on the nature of appointments prior to yours, traffic, weather, or emergencies. We do our very best to get to your home as close to your appointment time as possible, but please allow 30 minutes on either side. Please let us know when you schedule your appointment if you have any time constraints. 

At the Housecall

Please confine shy or nervous pets to a kennel or small room before our arrival. If your pet has the potential to be aggressive please notify us when you schedule the visit and we can arrange to provide a sedative that you can give them before we arrive.  We try our best to work safely with all pets but we reserve the right to refuse service or reschedule in order to plan for sedation if your pet presents a significant danger to our doctor or technician. 

When we arrive at your home, we'll go over any current health issues and begin the examination. We like to work with patients in an area of the home where they feel most comfortable. Oftentimes, this can mean a kitchen floor, bedroom corner, or even in the backyard.  We will be able to gently restrain your pet in their favorite area as needed, sometimes using towels to help relax nervous dogs or cats. Occasionally we may have to muzzle aggressive dogs, but we only use the very minimum restraint necessary, and always with the patient’s best interests in mind. While we love having pet parents present at the visit, we do ask that you not directly handle your pet during exams and procedures for everyone's safety.

Payment and Aftercare

After we’ve finished the exam, we’ll clean up, fill any necessary prescriptions, and prepare the invoice on the spot. We will review treatment plans, aftercare instructions, and make sure that all of your questions are answered before we leave. Recheck visits can also be scheduled at this time if needed.

We accept payment via cash, debit or credit card. So that we can continue to provide you high quality service utilizing the best medical technologies, we request that payment be made at the time services are provided. We are happy to provide estimates if requested.

We appreciate the opportunity to care for your pet family!

Dr. Suzanne Sheldon In-home visit
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