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Our cat suddenly was very ill and in severe pain. We were not a patient of Dr. Sheldon but regardless she came to our house within 2 hours. She conducted a very thorough exam; however, she had bad news for us. She was so kind and compassionate when informing us that our cat probably wouldn't make it. She was very knowledgeable and relayed another option of treatment if we wanted to try. She waited for an hour on our deck while we made our decision. We decided to end our kitty's misery. She was able to handle the procedure right at our home. I'm so grateful to her for her kindness, compassion and empathy. She was tearing up with us. I highly recommend Dr. Sheldon, I've never had any other vet compare to her in my 30 years of having pets.

M. Miller

Dr. Sheldon is amazing and I only trust her with my English Bulldogs. Like all pet parents I get very nervous about the health of my dogs and who I take them to. Dr. Sheldon's knowledge, kindness, and experience gives me the confidence I need when visiting a vet with my babies. When I first got little Maple she was very sick and almost passed away. Dr. Sheldon was passionate and devoted to my little puppy. With lots of treatment and the knowledge on what to do, Dr. Sheldon was able to save my little Maples life. I know my babies are in good hands and I highly recommend her to everyone.

J. Rose

Dr. Sheldon was awesome. While our pup did not love being poked he definitely enjoyed his vet visit way more than when we used to go into an office and he forgave her in the end . It was such a great personal experience. I would highly recommend her.

J. Grey

Dr. Sheldon is the best! It is so great to have a terrific vet come to our home and treat our dog and cats in a non-stress atmosphere. Hannah dog thinks Dr. Sheldon is wonderful and really enjoys her visits and exams. Even the kitties are comfortable with exams in their home environment. Thank you Dr. Sheldon!

C. Muse

Words cannot describe how wonderful these ladies are. They came immediately when I called about Dot, and helped ease her passing. All of my dogs loved them. Even though they cut their nails and drew their blood; they still loved them. Good karma. Thank you so much.

E. Gunn

Thank you Dr. Sheldon for helping us with our dog Tresa. We had to have our 13 year old German Shepherd put down. She explained to my husband that it was the right time and what was going on with Tresa. She also said we were doing the most humane thing for her. She was very caring and compassionate. She even sent us a condolences card afterwards. We would highly recommend her. Thanks again Dr. Sheldon!

D. Walker

Dr. Sheldon was great when she saw my cats, Augie and Sam. Very glad she can come to their home since they get so nervous about a car trip.

J. Dean

We had a great experience! Toby was much more comfortable being examined in his own environment. Dr. Sheldon is so helpful, accommodating, and reasonable!

H. Massey

Dr. Sheldon is a wonderful person and an excellent vet. She is very thorough, very caring and truly concerned about the well being of my furry family members. She and her assistant, Jackie, have THE best "pet" side manner. And what could be better than a doctor who makes house calls!!! I highly recommend French Broad Mobile Vet to everyone who loves their little fur babies.

K. Warburton

Suzanne Sheldon has been wonderful to our dogs. She came to our house over last year's Christmas to hydrate my little dog who had renal failure, and a year later helped to put him down with great care and kindness. She is wonderful and compassionate and my husband and I are glad we've gotten to know her. We wouldn't want anyone else.

S. Tracy

Dr. Sheldon has been my small animal vet for years. I trust and respect her absolutely, she has a wonderful pet-side and client-side manner, and I"m so glad she has ventured into mobile vet services!

F. Dudley

By far the best vet around!! We had to put our cat down a few months ago and she handled our sad time with grace and respect for our feelings.

K. Ball

I love Dr. Sheldon! She is amazing with my pet. Very thorough and caring. My German shepherd puppy was very nervous and she got down in the floor on her level and took her time in getting to know her before she began the exam. I highly recommend this vet!

B. Wolfe

We met Dr. Sheldon when we unexpectedly had to put down our sweet pup. She is the rare person who can sit quietly with you while you say goodbye. She is kind, compassionate, intelligent, professional and always takes the time and goes the extra mile. And she is the best vet we have ever had.

L. Jenkins

She held our hand through everything with our sweet Juno. The best vet ever. So glad to see that she is mobile! We can not thank her enough for everything she did and the compassion she gave.

L. Tipton

I am an equine veterinarian and classmate of Dr. Sheldon’s. Recently she helped me treat both of my family dogs. One with a nagging ear issue and one with a lameness. She is incredibly caring, smart and intuitive! Do your pets a favor and let Dr. Sheldon be their family doctor.

J. Knighton

Dr. Sheldon came to our home after a snow to help us say goodbye to our almost 18 year-old dog. Her compassion and empathy, not only for our pup but for us, made an incredibly difficult day so much easier. Dr. Sheldon has helped us and our dogs with problems ranging from knee issues to breathing difficulties, seizures, lacerations, unexplained paw swelling, arthritis, and allergies. She is kind, thorough, and caring, and we are so grateful to her for helping us keep our dogs happy and healthy!

J. Williams

Dr. Sheldon came out to our property to help us with a great pyr we had rescued. She was awesome, kind, gentle and had this guy feeling better in no time! He soon after found his forever home and we were so grateful to have been a part of his journey! Thank you Dr. Sheldon!!!

R. Byrd

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